Unique Things To Do With Your Outdoor Pottery


If you have a lot of outdoor pottery that you do not know what to do with, or plan on buying a lot of it, then you need to start looking at some unique ideas. Check out the following suggestions to make sure that you are going to get the best use out of all of the pottery in your yard.

Homemade Birdbath

Shallow and wide pieces of outdoor pottery can be used as a custom birdbath. All you need to do is secure the base of the pottery to a secure base or stand. Ideas for your stand could be an old tree trunk piece, scrap lumber, or other pieces of pottery that are stacked and held together with metal bars or a bolt and screw system of some sort.

Solar Light Containers

Do you have a lot of little pieces of outdoor pottery that would look great along the edges of a pathway or your patio? If so, you might want to place the pottery in their desired locations and then dig down into the soil a little so that just the bottom portion of the pottery is underground. This will help keep the pottery in place. After the desired locations are mapped out, you will want to drill a hole in the bottom of each piece of pottery. Just make sure that the hole is wide enough to fit the base or stick of the solar light through it. Place the pottery into its designated location, stick the solar light in through the hole and then fill the space between the light and the pottery with the soil, stone, or glass beads of your choice.

Create A Mosaic Flowerbed Border

If you are interested in creating a custom border for your flowerbed border, you might want to grab up all of your old outdoor pottery and a hammer. Should a lot of your pottery have more of a plain clay color to it, you might want to spice things up a bit by first adding a coat of colorful paint. Once everything is dry, you can then gently break the pottery with your hammer. You will end up with a lot of different sized pieces to use for your border. You can then simply lay them flat and arrange them in unique ways all along the border of your flowerbed for a unique and playful look.

With those few suggestions in mind, you should have no trouble making sure that you are able to make use of all of your old outdoor pottery. Contact a company like Bob Williams Nursery Inc. for more help.


18 November 2015

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